March 13, 2019
letting go of my old self, redcar beach
Who was I before the mental abuse? Who was I before the bullying? Who was I before the sexual assaults that I had endured? If I am completely honest, I still don’t know. Coming out of the other side from many years of trauma, I started to finally find myself. 
I became carefree, I could come and go as I please like a little bird, that has learned how to spread its wings. The world was at my feet and I was making the most of it. I finally felt free. 
But, I am not that carefree person now. I’m not that person anymore and I won’t be this current version of myself for forever either. Life happens. People change as though they are the seasons. Interests, tastes and goals can change overnight should they want it. People are fluid. 

But that’s okay. The current version of me isn’t half bad either.

The wind blows us in whatever direction it wants, yet the most important thing is to remember that this is not forever. The person you were years ago, months ago or even yesterday has contributed into the person you are today. Life throws shit at every one of us, but ultimately: life is a learning curve. 

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